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Make sure you use your no-ip email address as the no-ip username and the domain you are using (yourhost.no-ip.org is in the example, but my account is .com instead of .org). I tested the code in the posted link with my changes and got the expected response for my no-ip account.
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Now it works!
( my account was .org )
Both using my email address and my user name worked (as the no-ip username)
The answer is "nochg <ipaddr>"
using Arduino Uno Rev 3


I also implemented parsing the result, i.e. getting the Date and the Message:


    String  buf = "";
    String  msg = "";
    boolean tak = false;
    while (client.connected())
      while (client.available())
        char c = client.read();
        //Serial.print(c); // verbose?
        buf += c;
        if (tak)
          msg = buf;
        if (c == 10)
          if (buf.indexOf("Date:") == 0)
            Serial.println("DATE = " + buf);
          if (buf == "") //empty line -> message
            tak = true;         
          buf = "";
    Serial.println("MESSAGE = " + msg);

using Arduino Uno Rev 3

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