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My current project (uno R3 + Ethernet shield + SD, IDE v1.0.1) Which is supposed to record analog data every 10 mins as a CSV file. The set up also functions as a web server so that I can pull the data off. The SD card just stops recording from time to time. I have consiously not used strings because of the known memory bug in the library and use char arrays instead.

Dispite avoiding strings I'm wondering if the problem is a string memory issue. Delving into the hierarchy of the libaries I find that by including SD.h this then then calls for SDfat.h, no supprise but this in turn calls for Print.h.

Now comes the rub, Print.h calls for Wstring.h which calls for string.h TWICE!

So although I've deliberatly avoided strings the buggy libary is called eventually.

I don't see how I can avoid this as I have to use 'dataFile.print("...);' and 'client.print("...);' to send info to the SD card and ethernet.

Would it be valid to use 'dataFile.write' and 'client.write' instead? and does anybody know if this avoids the use of string.h


string.h is used for C string functions, not the bug inflicted String objects you're trying to avoid. Your issue lies elsewhere, so you might consider posting your code for more help.


The whole code is too long to post the .ino is 29Kbyte. Is there another way to open it up for peer review?


I cannot help with the code issues, but you might be able to share the code as a text file via Google Drive or the like.

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