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Perhaps you could detect the aeroplane before the bomb is dropped.
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I'd start by defining "bomb", give the project some boundaries.
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If your goal is to demonstrate bomb detection techniques then the fact you don't know any makes it a non-starter.

If your goal is to demonstrate a bomb detection technique being applied, then you could make up any technique  you like. Of course in an academic project you would not be expected to make a real neutron scanner or whatever. Create a sequence of objects which look the same but are different in some detectable way - different temperature, different weight, contain RFID tag, whatever. The point then is not how the detector itself works, but to show how the detector would be used scan the items and do something based on the results. For example, you might place the 'detector' over a conveyor belt and design it to route the 'bombs' to a different destination.
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   Iam trying to build a prototype of detecting bomb in an academic project .
Anybody know about like simple detector ?

Most "bombs" are full of nitrates. There are "hobby grade" detectors for CO2, methane, CO, hydrogen, etc... maybe there is a nitrate detector.

Of course, your project won't have the sensitivity of a "real" bomb detector, but you can do a proof of concept with a little bit of ammonium nitrate.

Just buy a small package of "exploding targets" or "reactive targets" that people shoot at and get a big boom (look up "Tannerite").

Or, buy a cold pack in a drug store and cut it open (but don't rupture the water pack). The crystals inside are ammonium nitrate.

Your nitrate detector should go nuts when it's near the AN.

Then after your bomb detector demo, you can stir in a pinch of aluminum powder into your left over AN and shoot it with a rifle. It will make a nice big boom! :)
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maybe he ment detecting a piece of metal hidden in the ground, maybe with induction sensing or so... i dont know...

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