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Hi people,
I have been using Arduino a lot over the past few years, and something that came up during each project was the calibrating of sensors. In my case, this was best done visually, so I'd start the Processing example sketch about plotting data, and would visualise some serial input.

To improve this workflow I have created a small program called Arduino Monitor (not sure if I can use the word Arduino?  :smiley-roll-sweat:). It basically provides an improved GUI for plotting multiple variables via the serial port over time. It has the possibility to reset the graph and pause the data stream.
Furthermore it is possible to export the data to a comma seperated list, so you can make a fancy graph out of it later. This is a useful feature for students (like myself) who want to use sensor data in scientific reports.

If you're interested in this project, you can download the newest version at https://github.com/pepf/ArduinoMonitor/downloads .

Any feedback from the Arduino community on how to make this piece of software more useful is very much appreciated!

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