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Bigfoot Studios, Inc., Cebu, Philippines, is seeking a motivated & enthusiastic tech intern to join our "Arduino Lab" team; to set up projects built around the open-source Arduino electronics prototyping platform.  Projects range from security access to environmental control appliances and will be integrated throughout the studio facilities and offices.  We are investing in microcontroller development to provide increased cost-savings in our studio's electrical and environmental systems overhead.

The candidates will be students or graduates in electronics, electrical engineering, C / C++ programming, or industrial/mechanical design.  Not necessarily having to be students or graduates to qualify, we are also interested in devote hobbyists and "geeks" in these disciplines; although, knowledge of building and testing analog and digital circuitry is required.

We are looking for candidates who can consult regarding industry best practices to determine suitable hardware based on simplicity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability for low-volume production purposes.

The successful candidate doesn't necessarily need to have direct experience of everything we are using but must understand the field well enough to be able to come up to speed quickly.  We hope to build a strong team of electronics technicians and software programmers to work on our different projects.  Projects will be explored through research and experimentation to achieve the desired results.

In addition to the hardware platform, candidates with experience in desktop, client/server, and/or web-based application development is helpful. Applications for overall management, notification, and reporting will be developed alongside the hardware.

Candidates with good project management, documentation, and usability testing skills are preferred. 

The company is a lot of fun to work with, and there is scope for collaboration and suggesting creative ideas of your own.

The internship position is for a 6-month period.  Details for travel and visa requirements will be provided to the successful candidate.

Skills & Requirements

Student, fresh-graduate, intermediate, expert, and hobbyist in electronics and related fields are all encouraged to apply.

Preferred familiarity with the following technologies as applied to an Arduino development platform: RFID, GSM/GPRS (SIM900), NFC, Wireless Communication (WiFi, XBee), Ethernet, Power Relays, Battery Power, Solar Power / Charging, LED Lighting Systems, Google IO Android ADK platform

Minimum Qualifications:
•    Exceptional verbal and written communication skills in English
•    Strong affinity for self-directed learning: if you don't know something, you find out quickly

Preferred Qualifications:
•    Comfortable working at all levels of computer architecture, from microcontrollers to web applications
•    Knowledge of building and testing analog and digital circuitry
•    C / C++ development experience
•    Application development (desktop, client/server, web, mobile)
•    RFID asset tracking systems
•    Familiarity with Prepaid Power or Pay Card systems
•    Writing technical documentation
•    Usability testing experience

Company Profile

Bigfoot Studios, Inc.  (http://bigfootstudios.com/) is located in Lapu-Lapu City in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Situated in the center of the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippine archipelago, the province is a hub for businesses and travelers alike.

As a full-service company we offer state-of-the-art facilities and equipment rental, as well as post production services, for filmmakers and production houses.

At our production oasis on the island of Cebu, we provide everything needed to create a high-quality project: two stages, an underwater shooting tank, fully equipped editing suites and the latest film cameras. Conveniently connected to major cities in Asia, we draw professionals from around the world to produce feature films, TV shows, documentaries and commercials.

Get exciting professional experience on the lot of Bigfoot Studios, home to Bigfoot Entertainment, one of the leading film and television production companies in Southeast Asia.

As the final resting place of famed explorer Ferdinand Magellan, Cebu has a strong historical influence. The province is also home to the best resorts in the country and is considered by many as the diving capital of the Philippines.

The weather and climate in Cebu is tropical with a lush rainy season from June to January and a warm, dry season from February to May.

Compensation Considerations

Salay of $800 USD per month.  Free accommodation on the studio premises (utility bills paid by the intern). Visa Extensions will be processed and reimbursed by the company but the intern is responsible for any entry visa fees (such as those who come from restricted countries i.e. China, India, etc.).  Flight to Cebu, Philippines is paid by the intern.

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