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i would like to buy an Arduino Due to use with the Wireless SD Shield(http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWirelessShield).
I am aware that the shield is not listed here: http://playground.arduino.cc/ArduinoDue/Shields
But as it is an officialy supported shield, there should be no problem, right?
As far as i figured out, the Wireless SD Shield works has 3.3V Signal levels, is that right? In this case there should also be no problem with the signal voltage.

Has anybody tested this combination?

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Yes, it's compatible with the Due based on all of the messages I've read and the schematics (the Due has ioref pin). But I don't actually know how to connect the two together, any suggestion?


How to connect the two together?
What do you mean?


They stack on top of each other like this image:

Once you have them connected together open up the Arduino IDE and go to the Wifi examples:
File > Examples > WiFi > ConnectWithWPA

There are a ton of examples in the File > Examples >WiFi section.


Please note that the Wireless SD Shield is NOT the same thing as the WiFi Shield!
Please don't PM me asking for help. Ask questions in the forum.


For everyone ending up here after googling if you can use an xbee module with the Arduino due & wireless SD shield:

You can, I've tested it just now and it works. I didn't test the SD card yet but xbee communication is definitely working.

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