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Can you place another microphone upstream in the sax, if you can it may be possible to use the upstream mic as a switch that turns on the sampling if it get a signal before the ed. you placed.  This is not foolproof but may be any easy method that work well enough.


Why choose a microphone?
Surely you need something more like an anemometer?
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A microphone is the wrong sensor to use. You want to use a pressure sensor. You want to blow into a Leakey chamber, then the pressure will represent how hard you blow.


Did not think about using an anemometer or a pressure sensor, I thought about the microphone because it was the first thing that came into my mind. Thank you for the suggestions Sir Grumpy_Mike and Sir AWOL. Thank you also wwbrown You guys have been a lot of help, I'll look into using your suggestions and try them out when we work tomorrow! :)


Will try looking on pressure sensors and anemometer circuits, sorry not that familiar with these two. :)

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