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The amazing renesas powered MCU board : GR-SAKURA-FULL

Big image http://japan.renesas.com/media/press/news/2012/20120619.jpg

The RX63N/RX631 Group incorporates communication functions suitable for networking equipment, such as Ethernet controller, USB 2.0 full-speed (function, host, or OTG selectable), and CAN. In addition, with a RTC (Real-Time Clock) that can operate on a dedicated power supply as a low power feature, standby power consumption can be reduced by approximately 90% compared to existing products. The selection of on-chip memory has been expanded from ROMless to 2 MB, and even smaller-sized packages are available. This makes possible mounting in anything from large-scale systems to small-scale/small-space devices.

URL: http://japan.renesas.com/gr
URL: http://akiba-pc.watch.impress.co.jp/hotline/20120728/etc_renesas.html


Sniff. Sniff. Smells like spam to me.

WTF with that stupid pink color?
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Sniff. Sniff. Smells like spam to me.

Difficult to say.  Anything of interest to the Arduino community is welcome and the female connectors look like the Uno pattern.  Unfortunately, my Japanese is a bit rusty.

The post is definitely in the wrong section.  It should be in Products and Services (and I'll move it later).

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Hey, what do you know.  Google Translate worked...

Various shield can be installed on your compatible Arduino UNO GR-SAKURA-FULL

The most important feature of this product, due to cloud computing development environment.


I've been trying to play with one of the YRDKRX62N demo boards, i.e. a board with everything + the kitchen sink and a JTAG debugger, it's a complex chip to be sure... Having something like this distill it down to arduino-like APIs is nice.  Wish it was sold in the USA, couldn't find any hits when I googled searched.  I'd personally like to dive into the RX architecture more alongside learning ARM (TI Stellaris LaunchPad specifically...) cause I think RX is superior, at least on paper.


Sniff. Sniff. Smells like spam to me.

WTF with that stupid pink color?


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