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I bought this TFT Touch shield on eBay 261120303957 which also has a micro SD Slot. The provided lib/examples work with the TFT and Touchscreen but not with the microSD.

I actually posted here http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,134708.msg1014213.html#msg1014213 but it doesn't get any further on the SD issue so I switched to the Storage Forum. Libs from the seller are here https://www.yousendit.com/download/WUJaVWR1K3huSlJFQmNUQw

The seller provided libs for Arduino 0.23. I think they are the standard Libs. My EthernetShield works instantly. The Ethernet also works with the new SD libs provided with 1.0.2. The SD part of the TFT shield doesen't work with any version.

I am not a pro. But when I compared the provided 0.23 with the current 1.0.2 libs there's no big difference except some additional functions (multiple files) and things which change from 0.23 to 1.0. So I think the seller just threw those SD libs in.

According to the shield the pins used should be standard 10 to 13. Here is a picture of the pin out. http://imgur.com/Vg3yN

10   SS
11   DI
12   DO
13   SCK

In the examples of the standard SD lib  Pin 4 is used as CS. But as I understood this is for the ethernetshields and it switches between the SD and the ethernet chip. So I think Pin 4 should not be used as CS on the TFT shield as there are no two Chips like on the Ethernet shield.

Anyway I tried SD.begin(4), SD.begin(10) and SD.begin() but I could not get the crad initialized.

Any ideas? Anything I could check?

Thx n rgds


may seem like a dumb question, but is you SD card formatted already for FAT16 or FAT32? I believe that the libs have no way to format the cards themselves. also have you loaded and run the CardInfo sketch? it won't fix things or tell you exactly what's wrong but it should help narrow things down some. AND.... SD.begin(4) where 4 is the Select pin so in either case make it the same as what's listed with the TFT device. (damn, another also) The arduino (for some reason) still hogs pin 10 for the select line even if you don't use it.


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TFT LCD Mega Shield V1.2 with SD card connector is not working for SD card.
NOTE: The wiring or routing is wrong SCK and MOSI is switched on the Shield (red PCB).
The best approach is to solder and remove the resistors and the connector.

The setup is MEGA 1280 + TFT LCD Shield + 2.4" TFT Display with SD card slot.
NOTE: Remove the SD card connector & resistors on the display module (blue PCB).

Solder a new SD card connector to the SHIELD.
SD card pin     SHIELD (pin)
1 (CS, SS)        53
2 (DI)              51
5(SCK)            52
7(DO)             50

3,6 GND
4 3.3V

The SD Library works with both FAT16 & FAT32.
The UTFTtf Library works only with FAT16.


I am not sure if we are talking about the same shield. With your shield the TFT can be separated from the actual shield. That's not possible with the one I bought on eBay 261120303957 (the 1st picture is fake - the others are OK).

anyway I will check if some wiring is wrong.

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