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This question probably gets asked a lot but I am wondering the best and cheapest way to make a quadcopter. I know the basics as in need a arduino, gyro,  accelerometer, motors/rotors, and batteries but I am still unsure which sensors I need and how I would use them. I am trying to just get a quadcopter to fly stabilized. as in don't crash just hover nicely and move forward. How would I use the sensor data to do this? which sensors do I need?
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Short answer buy a KK board for $12 sensors included.

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Where can you get the KK  board for $12.00??
Cheapest I've seen is the KK FlyCam for $59.00 (reduced from $120.00) at KKmulticopters.  I'd love to grab a populated one for $12.00.

Oh, bet you're talking about the Black Board Kit (Bare PCB).........


It's the older version of the KK board from Hobbyking.  Not including shipping.  The weight is negligible, so add it to an existing order.  They have great deals on many items.  You may have to wait for a sale to get that price.  Or just load the web page.  After 5 minutes a box pops up with a lower price.  The next version includes accellerometers to keep it level.  Plus LCD menus.


Thanks Brighteyes! I'll check it out.

Sorry for the thread-jack Arduinopi.

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