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I am planning putting an Arduino UNO and a custom shield in a plastic project box.
I intend putting in the same box the power supply.

Are there any objections on powering the unit with one of those (LED Drivers)?



It may be alright, it might not be - I've had mixed experience with chinese cheapy stuff on eBay - for instance a
12--24V converter that wasn't able to cope with 10% of its rated load, and appalling build quality.  I'd be wary of
a mains PSU from such a source to be honest.  It most likely to be fine (it certainly has all the right symbols printed on
it!), but it might be dodgy (how can you tell?).  I'd certainly check out the eBay feedback for the seller in question.

If its cheap you can always just get one, check it out (test the voltage and current handling, open it up and check
the build quality - but that isn't the same as proving it safe) - but it might be wiser to buy from a known reputable
local supplier.
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I have a lot objections.

A led driver is not a stable voltage, some are more like a current source.
It is not well protected for shortcut.
Sometimes it is not even well isolated.
If you don't use a lot of current, the voltage could be a lot higher than 12V. The voltage regulator on the Arduino can't handle that.
The output voltage is very noisy, a capacitor is sometimes very small, since it's only intended for a led.

About anything else is better than a led driver.


Thank U all for the answers. Wont buy that ... Will try to find another compact power supply that can fit in my box.

Any ideas? Switching is preferred.



compact power supply that can fit in my box

I'd keep mains out of my Arduino box. Rather use a 7..9 V "green" (= switching) wallwart.
Guess why most other small electronics boxes do so, too?


I dont have an outlet there and I will put the arduino + Power Supply in a WaterProof box.


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