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Hello there!

Got my arduino this weekend and started playing around with it and I enjoy it alot. Programming is not too hard as I am studying IT. I got a lcd aswell, it was not to hard to get setup (had to solder pins too it though).

But now I got this:
On the upper row of it starts too high placing the text (1 pixel), this is not a big deal as all text will fit onto it. But on the second row it pushes the pixels up one and pieces of the text fade/fall away. Most of the time with CAPS but some times with normal letters. It also looks like it doesn't use all the pixels it can use (could be wrong here).

To show what the problem is, here are some pictures:

Hope you can help me out!

Thanks in advance,



Hope you can help me out!

You will have to help us out a bit first.

We have to know what type of LCD you are dealing with.

We have to know what program code you are using.

We have to know how your LCD is interfaced with your Arduino.



It is defective: the 2nd line should have shown its top row, as the 1st line did.


It is defective: the 2nd line should have shown its top row, as the 1st line did.

There are 2 lines missing then, on the bottom row. Could this be a bad connection on the pins? I soldered them myself so it could be.


See reply number one (post number two!). If anyone can sort it out for you Don can.
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