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Nick Gammon

How to make CPU hangs for Ever , i wanna test these .

Hang forever? Get some liquorice and pretend it is a CPU.

Come on, man. What is your project? You want to get a processor and have it hang forever? To what purpose?


How to make CPU hangs for Ever , i wanna test these . I wanna test fro some abnormal condtion..

Code: [Select]
while (1) continue;
does it.

You may also output the POR status on some pins so you know why the mcu was reset.


Since i am new to this can some one share me the COde for doing this...

Since you're new to this, why don't you just try writing some code and try it for yourself? There's nothing complex or difficult in what you're trying to do and plenty of other people have already done the same thing so I'm sure Google will turn up loads of examples for you to follow. The fact that you're new to Arduino doesn't absolve you from the need to do things for yourself.
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I wanna
@OP, is it really too much trouble to type two "t"s and a space?
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