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Hello :)

In my project I need an accurate Real Time Clock, I have found this DS3231, can you tell me what do you think about it?


It's very cheap compared to others, maybe it's just because there is no battery holder (battery is welded) ? And because the battery is welded, the thing is always ON since it was made, so the battery is dead already maybe :P

Give your opinion, thanks :)


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Looks like a very useful module. And there is a battery holder there, it's just a clip that presses down on the battery cell and the cell can be removed at will. Such battery is only used to keep the low level clock running and keeping the variables updated when the external power is turned off, not to run the whole module, so battery life can be the same as the 'shelf life' of the cell, perhaps 10 years.



Ok thank you Lefty, I bought it. But it is said the battery is welded, also I have another device using the same kind of battery holder and indeed it's welded! But can easily be modified if needed.. :)

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