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pin change interrupts?
what does that mean?

what do you think about trying to write my own sketch?


Your start button code indicates it was written to be connected to one of the two external interrupt pins on the Arduino (pins two and three), but you said early on that you damaged pin two, so moved the button to one of the analogue pins.
All pins have a pin change interrupt capability which you could use, and I think if you look in the Playground, you may even find a library to help you.

By far the simplest option (for now) is to put the code back to how it was, and replace the processor.
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i did think about getting a new board. i may do that if the pin interupt thing dont work.
thanks alot for all your help.


i did think about getting a new board

Note that 'getting a new board' and 'replacing the processor' are two different things.


ya i know. but a whole new board will probably be the easiest.


(Shrug.) Plugging a chip into a socket isn't rocket science, but it's your money.

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