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Having got the wrong ebay thing twice, it is time to ask for help...

I have a sticky keypad thing, but the wire isn't quite long enough to reach the controller. The cable ends with a female header connector thing (so the board has male header pins) - as in the attached image. What do I need to buy to add a bit of extension to this?

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You can simply make your own extention, with basic connectors and some wire. Ebay , Radio Shack or some other electronic stores should have what you need.
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You need an 8-pin female to male dupont cable but I don't know where you can get one.
You can create one from one of these http://www.electrodragon.com/?product=dupont-jumper-cable-wires-femalefemale-different-pins-available-to-choose
together with a piece of this http://www.electrodragon.com/?product=same-length-pin-header-2-54mm


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