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I wonder if someone knows the answer to this probably obvious question. I have see on digikey.com 11mm rotary encoders and 12mm rotary encoders. I wonder where that 11mm or 12mm comes from:




Besides some apparent different in the options (pulse per revolution, push button, shaft type and shaft lengths) the foot print is almost identical, with the 12mm a bit wider in one dimension. Were there 11mm 12mm names historical or do they refer to something I obviously didn't catch? Thank you!


It appears that their width is 11.7mm and 12.4mm, respecively. That would be my guess how they got their name.


I noticed that too. Kind of superficial difference. "Hey, we have two types of rotary encoders, they kind of differ only by 10 percent in a minor dimension". Should be other reason?!


For potentiometers the normal dimension to use is the shaft diameter.  Knowing what sized hole to drill in the front panel
is also useful.
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Borh series have 6mm diameter shafts.

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