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I have an instrument cluster of a peugeot 206 and it has the fuel and temp gauges with a weird configuration like in the picture how do I control it from the arduino and what is its name?


It's basically a restricted rotation motor.  The voltage applied at terminals 1 and 2 create a magnetic field the permanent magnet attempts to track.  The values applied to each terminal determines where the resultant tracking point is. You need to determine coil resistance and drive voltage before you even consider driving it with the arduino.  If the drive required exceeds either say 4 volts or 40mA then you will need an interface fet or transistor.  I'd also surmise that the coils need "clean" DC voltage applied rather than a PWM signal.  Since the "analogue" output of the arduino is a PWM you will need suitable RC filtering to produce an analogue signal.


PWM may work just fine - the mass of the magnet/pointer will do some of the filtering for you.


While I can measure coil resistance with a multimeter, how can I measure the drive voltage?

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