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Topic: Sequencing lights in sync with mp3 from a pc to many arduino devices Wi Fi shiel (Read 493 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi there, I have a project in which I we have 6 pleople with costumes made with Electroluminesct Wire connected to pins of Arduino UNO with Wi Fi shield, I need to sincronize all of them with an mp3 file in order to make a sort of "choreo". Is it posible to comunicate to all of them from a single pc? I'm a beginner with Arduino but I want to do my best in this. I've looking around and I found that there's a programm called "Vixen" that can manage music and lights that could work toghether with an Arduino with DMX 512 encode. Do you have any suggestions of what should I need? I guess that every lighted costume should need an arduino with a Wi Fi shield.. Can you please give me some help with that?

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