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Topic: does any one have schematics for vlf rx/tx module ? (Read 3684 times) previous topic - next topic


hello arduino friends :)

does any one have arduino compartible vlf rx / tx module schematics ?

any help or guidence acceptable !

thank you all very musch for your time reading this !


vlf rx / tx module

What's that?

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com



VLF as in Very Low Frequency?
First Google result was this forum message second was this http://www.cdarc.co.uk/talknotes/VLF-G3XBM.pdf
Without more meaningful information that's the best we can do.
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VLF transmitters and receivers require very long antennas to transmit properly and operating at such frequencies is not a good choice at all unless you happen to be a nuclear powered submarine looking to receive missile launch orders while still submerged.



well it is going to be submerged ! and it is going to receive and send text ! but not more than a Km and not more that 100 m depth ! ALSO ! financially i am not able to buy a VW beatle, for sure not a Nuclear submarine  XD ! but thank you anyway !


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Was the circuit on page 12 of the linked pdf I supplied no good?
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salt water for sure !

i've quikly checked them and i thing that they are ok  ! haven't got the time to experiment my self on them yet ! thank you very much !

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