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OLED displays are great and its cool to use them on projects.
i'm looking one OLED 1602 display with SSD1311 controller and thinking- is it working with Arduino LCD library?
What changes needs to be done, to get it work with this library?
Can somebody help me to think?
LCD info


The vital requirement is a library for the ssd1311 controller. I understand Adafruit has this in hand but I have not pursued it.


I haven't taken a careful look at the datasheet yet but there are at least two things that have to be considered, the Instruction Set and the Timing diagrams.

A quick look shows that the Instruction Set seems to be a superset of that used by the HD47780, the controller for which the LiquidCRystal library is written.  This means that if you use the LiquidCrystal library, and if it's timing is adequate for your device, it may work well enough for you to get your display to function.  You probably will not be able to use all the features of your display but you probably won't destroy it either. 

Obviously a library written specifically for your device is a much better choice, but if you already have the device but not the library you are probably safe trying the LiquidCrystal library.



Thank you for reply, i will try out and let you all know.
But i think it will be in year 2013.

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