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      i bought this Bluetooth modem BlueSMiRFHID from sparkfun
      I just want to turn an led on and off in arduino from my android phone
      But the problem i m having is whenever i start this application called
      Sena Bterm Bluetooth terminal program for android. When i try to connect
      my Bluetooth modem its says failed to connecting to remote device, after
      that i tried lot's of other Bluetooth terminal application but the results are         
      the same.
      The modem is ok because when i search devices from my phone it shows
      the device and connects and the green led turns on.
     i had search a lot in google but nobody uses my type bluetooth modem
     they are using BlueSMiRF gold, silver and bunch of other ones
     i think i had bought the wrong bluetooth.
      please anyone can help on this

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