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I am just feeling around to see if I am having a known issue or if I have a bad screen. I have worked with several TFTs and the arduino. Typically you have your few min. of fun trying to connect but all is well afterwards. I recently purchased the Emartee 5" http://www.emartee.com/product/42176/TFT%205%22%20800*480%20With%20SD%20Touch%20Module similar to http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/50-tft-lcd-screen-module-tft0150-p-420.html. I use the SainSmart Mega-shield for a TFT, http://www.amazon.com/SainSmart-Adjustable-Shield-Arduino-Mega/dp/B008FWSGGK and of course the Mega.
My life became much easier when the UTFT library was released http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=51. Working with the new Emartee 5" I am at a loss, only thing I am getting is a blank white screen, or backlight. I checked all connections and code trying,
UTFT myGLCD(ITDB50,38,39,40,41);
UTFT myGLCD(SSD1963_800,38,39,40,41); (rest of code is just the examples given  with UTFT)
and the code released with the hardware... not pretty.
I have a sainsmart 3.2 TFT running off the same hardware just fine.
Any ideas or do I have a bad screen?

As a FYI I am capable of reading information from the serial monitor of x and y recieved from the touchscreen, just can not see anything.


Well the adapter and the LCD seem to support 16 bit parallel mode (I presume 8080 not 6800?)

Double check each connection?  Put a 'scope on each line and check waveforms (or at least check for shorts between
adjacent pins)...
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MarkT, thanks for the advise. I went through and unsoldered the 40 pin, checked for issues with conductivity, but did not check through-put. I guess I could hook up the oscilloscope to just the write of the 16 bit pins (narrows things down), I guess any movement in the scope would tell me if I had a good connection. Seems right. Thanks for post!!! Now I just have to remember how to work this antiquated scope!


Hello, have you tried this example sketch?



I believe I ran that but I will verify this morning.

As an update, treating this as the place of learning it is, I emailed emartee customer support yesterday with a brief description of my issue. I wouldn't normally do this but I strongly feel I have a defective piece of equipment. They responded last night asking me to please redefine my issue. I speak with several people in Asia a day and a confirmation is always in order. So I happily rewrote them an email providing full details. I was pleasantly surprised at the time line they got back with me and had high hopes. I received another email early this morning, stating they were sorry I was having issues and needed to clarify I was using it on an arduino mega and that the major issue was the touchscreen was transversed. That earlier happiness I spoke of is dwindling as I had wrote it was being used on a arduino mega three times and the issue was "no image on screen" five times.I had wrote it in a very pleasant and easy to read format and in the last sentence had mentioned that the touchscreen was transversed.
I'm hopeful tonight will bring better responses from emartee.


I will make this my last post on this issue as it appears the screen is most likely having the issue. I tried scoping it but between unknowns on both sides I am not sure I trust the readings. I have tried several libraries and modified each in hopes something would change. Coorespondance with the manufacturer ended in they told me I needed to use the UTFT library because Emartee displays will not work with the Emartee library and the SainSmart TFT shield. Each email I have sent I mentioned that I use the UTFT library as often as possible, and made attempts to use it here. Its rather a shame, I would have ordered a number of these TFTs. Oh well back to the drawing board. guix and MarkT thank you for the assistance.


Tracers not connected on the back of the board..... Image is through a microscope. UHG!


I don't understand what you are showing in these pictures... What are tracers?


On a PCB (printed circuit board), the wires that are under the laminate are called tracers. On this particular set up I'm assuming it was made on a Friday afternoon. I created small jumpers and bam it came on. Basically it was an open loop. I have sent the images to the manufacturer, I'm hopeful they will rectify the situation.


I see but I always read "traces" not "tracers".

So in your pictures, those 2 green(?) things are very very small pieces of wires that you soldered?

Cool that you fixed it :)


I appreciate it. You are correct traces! Goof on my part.I just hope it's this one board and not a batch and if it is a batch, at least there will be some reference of it. Things like this will make a Guy nuts!


Against some rather tall odds... You found the issue... AND YOU Fixed it...  Be Proud of your great work.

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