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Arduino Wireless Programmer is designed for upload the program from your PC/laptop to Arduino board just by Bluetooth.

So now you can update the program to Arduino boards which enclosed in the box or case without any usb jack, do you need to open it times and times when you need to update the program. It will suitable for the project which use Arduino board but the the  boards aloft. Anyway , when you want to do the wireless programming for Arduino without USB cable, this Arduino Wireless Programmer will be the good choice.

But becareful that it maybe not compatible with some projects which need to use the D0 and D1 as hardware UART TX, RX. Because the wireless programmer needs to permanently occupy the two pins. For the rest pins, the wireless programmer board has the stackable female header to make it compatible with other shileds, you can just plug any shields you need onto the wireless programmer and connect it to Arduino mainboard.

And Arduino Wireless Programmer have 2  models:  For Arduino UNO  and For Arduino Duemilanove. Different model comes with different configuration, and just support the corresponding mainboard - Of course your can change the default configuration to make it work with other boards, and we will release these hack tutorials later.

More: http://imall.iteadstudio.com/im121112001.html

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