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I'm trying to use the circuitsathome.com USB host shield mini version to interface with a USB keyboard. Running the QC sketch that comes with the software, it gets stuck at

Checking USB device communication.

Waiting for device ...
Waiting for device ...
Waiting for device ...

I have the following pins connected thus:

(host shield <-> ATMega328/breadboard)
INT <-> 15(INT1)
GND <-> ground
RESET <-> 3.3v
3.3v <-> 3.3v
SS <-> 16(SS)
MOSI <-> 17(MOSI)
MISO <-> 18(MISO)
SCK <-> 19(SCK)
VBUS  <-> 5v

None of the GPIO pins are connected.

I can measure the voltage to VBUS and to the USB port at ~5v, and the mouse I'm using to test lights up.

Do i have a rx/tx line crossed or something?


Here's the schematic with pin numbers as per Arduino Pro Mini -> https://www.circuitsathome.com/chome_downloads/UHS_mini_10.pdf Also make sure your Atmega is powered from 3.3V otherwise USB Host shield won't be able to detect USB device on the bus.

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