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Looking at the schematic for the GSM shield, it uses pins 0 and 1 or pins 2 and 3 for communication between the Arduino and the GSM shield.

There are at least three different XBee shields. That one is, by far, the worst. It uses the hardware serial pins (0 and 1) to communicate with the Arduino.

So, you could use both shields, with the GSM shield jumpered to use pins 2 and 3, using SoftwareSerial to communicate with the GSM shield, and using Serial to communicate with the XBee.

Forget about trying to debug anything.



Can you tell me which of the Xbee Shield is the better one.

Thank you


Sparkfun's XBee shield has the same switch as the GSM shield, allowing you to select either pins 0 and 1 or pins 2 and 3.

You could put the GSM shield on 2 and 3, using SoftwareSerial to talk to it, and put the XBee on 0 and 1, and use Serial to talk to it, or do it the other way around.

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