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I'm planning a project like a quiz-show-buzzer.

4 Teams, one big button for each, and a central controller that registers who pushed the button first. So far everything works fine.

As an option I'd like to output the teamnames, the ranks and the time between sonce first pressed button on a hooked up TV-Screen in a big font so that everybody can see it.

What I found so far concerning TV-Output are only solutions for small print text output. Nothing that you could read from a distance.

I don't need great quality, just big letters...any hints?


The library lets you draw shapes doesn't it? You should be able to make large digits with some 7-segment numbers constructed out of rectangles.
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Remember that you can use a lower screen resolution to get larger characters.  If you use a 60 wide x 48 high screen resolution the 6x8 font will give you only six rows (48/8) and 10 columns (60/6).
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