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I'm looking at interrupt setup code written by someone else. I understand the logic operators to get the flag bits set or cleared, but I'm having problems locating documentation that explains the meaning of the bit flags. Is there a recommended "go to" document/url to get a good understanding about interrupt flags and how they are used?

For example ...

Code: [Select]

    TCCR2A = ((1 << WGM21) | (0 << WGM20));
    TCCR2B = (( 1 << CS22 ) | ( 1 << CS21 ) | ( 1 << CS20 ));        // 1/2^10
    ASSR &= ~(1<<AS2);
    TIMSK2 = (1 << OCIE2A);                 // Enable TIMER2 compare Interrupt
    TCNT2 = 0;
    OCR2A = TICK_DIVIDER;     // must be loaded last for Atmega168 and friends

... where do I go to understand what WGM21 or ASSR mean and how they are used?

Thanks ddm


The go-to document for how a processor works is the datasheet.  For the Arduino UNO the processor is the ATmega328P so the datasheet is:


You can search the PDF for the register names.  You'll find a section that describes that register and the fields within it.
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where do I go to understand what WGM21 or ASSR mean and how they are used?

Try the device datasheet.

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