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I built a small strip board with an ISP header and an 8 pin dip socket to program some ATTiny85s I ordered.
It works fine with my TinyUsbIsp programmer and when I jumper from the headers on my Arduino, set up as Arduino-as-ISP.
I can't seem to get it to program if I use the same 6 wire cable that the TinyUsbIsp uses from the ISP pin on the Arduino, which according to the schematic is hooked directly to the corresponding pins on the AtMega328. Am I missing a cross over on the MISO and MOSI pins somewhere? Not that I need to know this, just wondering, as it would be a lot easier than switching 4 jumpers if I can ever get my head around CodingBadly's TinyISP sketch.
By the way I did try a 10uf cap between reset and ground on the Arduino.
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You can use a straight through cable between the ICSP pins on the Arduino and the ones on your target for all lines except the reset line. The reset pin on the target ICSP header goes to digital pin 10 on the Arduino.
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Thanks dc42,
Now that you point it out it obvious, guess I'd need a custom cable with a separate hookup to pin 10 from the reset on the cable. Time to dig through the junk drawer.
Einstein once said you don't really understand anything until you can explain it to your Grandmother

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