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Though my own stupidity, I misread the datasheet pins (didn't read that it was a bottom view, so I reversed the 5v and ground pins) and got that lovely smell.

Fortunately, I apparently didn't completely fry the sensor, I get readings anywhere from 16.89-17.87C. From an LCD thermometer nearby I get 19.2C  On the datasheet it states a typical accuracy of +/- 1C @25C and ±2°C over the ?40°C to +125°C temperature range, so my readings are at times outside of the typical accuracy range but that of course is based on the assumption that the LCD thermometer is 100% accurate which of course it's not.  So did I damage it or am I getting normal readings?


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u could use some more of them and c if the "fried" part is far away...

some devices have internal protection diodes and the arduino has a fuse that shuts down at about 1A and the USB bus possibly shuts down already at 500mA...
so it might b, that ur part just got hot and didnt suffer any damage...

did u try what it says about the temperature in 10cm distance of a light bulb?
or close to a cup of coffee (but dont contaminate the cup with the part's "sweat"...)? :)

i just read in the datasheet that up to +/- 3°C r within specification...
+/- 1°C is typical though...

have fun...


For #1 I would have done that, but I only ordered one (in retrospect I should have ordered 2).

For #4 I do stand corrected on that, I should have read beyond the general description.


I read the third post on this thread http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=22586 and set the analogReference to internal, and I'm now getting much more accurate readings.


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The datasheet shows the input voltage 3v-5v
Output voltage .05 - 2v output.
Using the 3v reference you see a better resolution in temperature vs. 5v reference.

Also try filtering out the power to the TMP36 at the sensor w/ .1uf cap -
That little black caterpillar you just stepped on will set you back a few bucks....

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