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Where can I get the dimensions of the Arduino Uno?  I tried to measure it, but I don't trust my measurements.  The holes are on corners and I am having difficulty getting everything perfect

I am designing something that I want to print on a 3D printer and it will have pins where I can just plug the Arduino into.  I want to make sure I create the pins in the right places


Look at the specs under Products > Arduino Uno
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Look at the specs under Products > Arduino Uno

And get this

The maximum length and width of the Uno PCB are 2.7 and 2.1 inches respectively,

In typical Arduino lack of documentation. Try this


It was done for the Duenilanova so two of the headers will be slightly longer.

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You can also open the eagle files, output the data in Gerber format, and find the code that drills the holes. Compute the distance between the drill hole points. Or, just use the drill hole points in your design.
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