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hi everybody ..
i almost done with my first project ..
but i had no idea about this things ..

i want to charging any battery with my solar panel and my arduino board,,
but i dont know what kind of battery that i have to use, and how the arduino circuit and solar panels that can charge batteries that i use..

sorry for my ignoreance ..
but please someone give me any tutorial ..


Charging batteries is not easy. If you do something wrong, you could end up with a leaking battery or the battery could explode or catch fire.

Li-ion or Li-po batteries require advanced knowlegde, or a special chip.
NiMH batteries could be charged. There are examples for that.

So you could start with a few AA NiMH batteries.
Read about it here:

Wikipedia explaines the different charging methods.


Hi krodal thx for your reply.. But i dont unserstand any electricity.. Can u give me the arduino scheme with solar panel and rechargable battery? I use accuplus as a battery and the spec is ..
Ni- MH 9v, 150mAh..


I'm sorry, but I can't. I haven't build a solar powered charger yet.
To do it right, is not easy.


Need information about the Solar panel you want to use.
What voltage is it , and what is its power rating.

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