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Have you tried connecting your rs232 shield to the rs232 on your PC. Then do a simple sketch to echo your arduino serial connection over rs232 to check that it's connected up properly. This is to make sure its all connected up properly

Yes! I hav made and it work well (look the latest snapshot), now the problem is when I attache the arduino to the weigher, I doesn't receive any reply!

thanks for your support!


Ok, this is a bit of a long way round, but try now sending over RS232, from your pc this time, the commands you normally send, but connect the RS232 to your arduino and have it echo them back to the serial monitor, which should show you exactly what is being sent to the scales. You may want to try something like realterm for windows, as this will show you exactly what characters are being sent, including \r and \n, and you can also do things like put it into hex mode so that it shows you the hex values of each byte it receives rather than the ascii representation.


Made and apparently work

here you can see the result by sending the aaaa (string) and the 01 73 (hex) with a serial port monitor
the Arduino echo serial show aaaa and "space" + s exactly the encoding of the HEX value in string
and now??? why my weigher don't make me and echo on the Arduino monitor?  =( =( =( =(
thanks for your support


Can you help me how I can be sure that my Arduino read correctly on his serial port?
I connect the arduino to the weigher but i doesn't receive anithing!

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