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Hi all!
I'm working on a little project...it's going to be a toy for my button/switch addicted toddler to play with. Something with lots of little push buttons and switches on it so it will distract him from other more system critical buttons/switches in the house.  XD
It's going to be plexiglass box with colorful wiring and lots of leds that will get switched on and off.
I would like to add some sound to the design and I have a Arduino Pro mini that is just sitting around. I've only just dipped my tows into the arduino ocean. So still don't know all the stuff it can/can't do. So my question is.....is there an easy way to hook up a pizzo buzzer(to one of the outputs)....program in my own sounds and output them according to different buttons pushed?



Yes, yes and yes.

Most people just connect a piezo buzzer to an output pin. You could use add extra 100 ohm resistor for safety (output to resistor, resistor to piezo, piezo to ground).

The tone library is used to play tones. http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Tone
There are also links to tutorials on that page.

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