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Topic: Mozzi Library and the Mega2560. problems with Megabug & wavetables fixed. (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Hi! I recently discovered the fantastic Mozzi audio library from Sensorium:

It is fully documented and comes with a large set of wavetables for immediate use in projects and for an 8 bit MCU sounds bloody amazing!!

In my mind ( & ears ) this is just to good to be true!
I have had all the examples running fine on my duemilanove. However, when I tried uploading to my Mega2560 boards not all of the examples worked.
I have since worked out that the code is not at fault. It is the fact that the Mega2560 has a bug regarding the use of 3 exclamation marks in a row. (!!!). This appears as the number 33 in decimal notation.  !!! ( or 33, 33, 33) messes up the upload process and puts the Mega2560 in a serial mode ( as read elsewhere on this forum.)
To remedy this I opened up Programmers notepad and went through all the wavetable files in the tables directory replacing all instances of 33, 33, 33 with 33, 33, 32 or 33, 33, 34 depending upon whether the table was incrementing or decrementing.
All example now work with my Mega2560!
The reason I want it to work on the Mega board is so I can perhaps incorporate it using a 3.2" TFT and a nice graphical interface for a synthesis project.
Thanks Sensorium for creating such a beautiful library!!

All the best..  8)

Smooberry Dooberry.


Thanks for sharing.

I have already beautiful sounds coming from my Arduino Uno with the Mozzi library in only 6k of code.

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