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My friend has an arduino leonardo which he programmed with the mouse emulator sketch without prior notice of the warning, he wants to reprogram it but he can't as the mouse moves and clicks randomly, does he have to reprogram the chip with a bootloader again to erase it or can it be done the easy way ?



"These differences affect the way you use the physical reset button to perform an upload if the auto-reset isn't working. Press and hold the reset button on the Leonardo, then hit the upload button in the Arduino software. Only release the reset button after you see the message "Uploading..." appear in the software's status bar. When you do so, the bootloader will start, creating a new virtual (CDC) serial port on the computer. The software will see that port appear and perform the upload using it. Again, this is only necessary if the normal upload process (i.e. just pressing the uploading button) doesn't work. (Note that the auto-reset is initiated when the computer opens the Leonardo's serial port at 1200 baud and then closes it; this won't work if something interferes with the board's USB communication - e.g. disabling interrupts.)"
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