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I am trying to read from my BMP085 barometric sensor over I2C but the Arduino Due will not find this or any of the other I2C devices I have connected. I am using the I2C Scanner (http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/I2cScanner) code from the Arduino Playground. I currently have a barometric sensor, accelerometer, gyro, and compass IMU board as well as a RTC module connected with I2C. I have checked that the devices are working and ran a scan with my Raspberry Pi. All the correct address showed up.

I haven't used the Due before and am not sure if this is a configuration error or what.



You're using the right pins?


I am not sure that I2CScanner works on Due at all. I have a BMP0854 too and it failed to show up with I2CScanner, though, it works perfectly well if I am reading it's registers using the Wire library.

Just keep in mind that SDA (pin 20)/SCL (pin 21) do have  1k5  pullup resistors soldered on board while SDA 1/SCL 1 do not have them so you'll have to put them yourself.

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