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What is the problem now? I thought you had the bootloader burned correctly.
All the fuses/etc stuff should be taken care of automatically so you shouldn't
need to worry about it.

In my case, I just loaded the ArduinoISP sketch into a UNO and told it to burn
the Bobuino bootloader into the 1284, and didn't worry about fuses or anything.


Could this problem related to the one mentioned from this post and the following ones?

I had a lot of problems, then I solved using a non-scientific method: an RC filter, suggested here on AvrFreaks' forum.


Sorry for my late reply I was busy the last week :-(

Do you have a like for a suitable rc filter? My problem at the moment is, that the FTDI programmer blinks but I get still error messages :-(


As pito figured out, set that low fuse to full-swing (0xF7) in the programmer sketch:

Code: [Select]
// ATmega1284P family
  { { 0x1E, 0x97, 0x05 }, "ATmega1284P", 128 * kb,   1 * kb,
        0x1FC00,      // start address
        sizeof optiboot_atmega1284p_hex,       
        256,          // page size (for committing)
        0xD7,         // fuse low byte: external clock, 0xD7 = FULL SWING
        0xDE,         // fuse high byte: SPI enable, boot into bootloader, 1024 byte bootloader
        0xFD,         // fuse extended byte: brown-out detection at 2.7V
        0x2F },       // lock bits: SPM is not allowed to write to the Boot Loader section.

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