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Hi everybody,
At the beginning of summer I have my final High School exam and I have to bring a project. I want to do a device that calculate the luminous intensity and send it wireless to another device wired to a lamp and the lamp should light in accordance to the brightness just sent.
I know that need something like a photodiode, but I'm not very good in electronic theory, so if you can give me some advice it could be great!
Thank you all  :)


so if you can give me some advice it could be great!

Get one and try it.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


some inspiration - http://blog.rafaeltorrales.info/2011/11/17/first-ldr-project/ - no arduino code

Check the tutorial pages of analogRead()
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I've just been playing with this, to great success - using a LED as the sensor!  I used a fairly large white one I had lying around.


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