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How can I convert 5 volts to 9 volts? I would need only 120 mA at 9 volts. I would also prefer to build it myself with components and not buy a chip


Regulated 9V?  Far easier to use a boost converter chip (even then might be problematical without
good ground plane and PCB layout).  Or find a module.
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regulated should not matter as long as it is 7-10 volts dc


What you need is a switching power supply made to output 9V.  You can build it yourself from parts, but it is tricky because electrical noise is a HUGE issue.  You probably need to build in on copper-clad board which can be a pain, but I have done it before, and it can be done.  I will try to dig up that schematic, as I think it was also meant to do 5V to 9V. 

That said, if you can find one, this is one thing I would buy because it is a pain to build and there are a lot of details that make the design better that only people who do this kind of thing for a living get right.  To get an idea of what you would have to build take a look here http://www.module.ro/5V-dc-dc%20converter.html


i agree with jroorda, switch regulators can be a real pain with regards to noise when making the layout.
i usually save me alot of hairpulling buy just buying a finished module from traco or similar.
http://export.farnell.com/tracopower/tme-0509s/converter-dc-dc-1w-9v-0-1a/dp/1007539 (only 110mA though..)

i've also have become a big fan of traco's TSR series of 78xx regulator replacements, that offer a really high efficiency, and don't have the heat issues as with normal 78xx regulators.

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