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How can I convert 5 volts to 9 volts? I would need only 120 mA at 9 volts. I would also prefer to build it myself with components and not buy a chip
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Regulated 9V?  Far easier to use a boost converter chip (even then might be problematical without
good ground plane and PCB layout).  Or find a module.
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regulated should not matter as long as it is 7-10 volts dc
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What you need is a switching power supply made to output 9V.  You can build it yourself from parts, but it is tricky because electrical noise is a HUGE issue.  You probably need to build in on copper-clad board which can be a pain, but I have done it before, and it can be done.  I will try to dig up that schematic, as I think it was also meant to do 5V to 9V. 

That said, if you can find one, this is one thing I would buy because it is a pain to build and there are a lot of details that make the design better that only people who do this kind of thing for a living get right.  To get an idea of what you would have to build take a look here http://www.module.ro/5V-dc-dc%20converter.html


i agree with jroorda, switch regulators can be a real pain with regards to noise when making the layout.
i usually save me alot of hairpulling buy just buying a finished module from traco or similar.
http://export.farnell.com/tracopower/tme-0509s/converter-dc-dc-1w-9v-0-1a/dp/1007539 (only 110mA though..)

i've also have become a big fan of traco's TSR series of 78xx regulator replacements, that offer a really high efficiency, and don't have the heat issues as with normal 78xx regulators.


You'd probably have to roll your own.
9V output isn't a "standard" voltage for DC-DC converter modules.
It's usually 3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24, 48V, or get one of those adjustable ones.

What's it for? Why do you need 9Volts? Does it need to be 9Volts?


If you want to build your own, you can use an MC34036 chip.

... or just hit eBay and buy one of an MC34036 boost converter modules. Real cheap, ready-made and it works. (there's a trimmer so you can adjust the voltage to what you want.)


it is for a wireless camera that is made to run on a nine volt battery. I have tested it and it does work on 7 but works better at 9. no more than 10 volts or it will heat up very fast
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Why can't it just run off the 9 volt battery, then?


This chip MC34063 will do what you want.
Very easy to build and this tool http://www.nomad.ee/micros/mc34063a/
will give you all the component values.


I don't use a 9 volt battery because they die fast and don't recharge.
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Pololu has some nice pre-built boost regulator units as well:


alternative solution..

buy 2 6v lantern batteries wire them up in series to give 12v and use a cheap linear regulator and drop it down to 9v


5V to 9V board mountable modules are available -  I have 6 of 8 of them that someone posted an e-bay link to a while ago.
The pololu boost modules work well

I use the higher output unit to create 12V to power a promini and LED boards 25 feet away.

Mouser also carries RECOM DC/DC converters, such as this 5V to 9V module
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