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Hi all,

I thought you might be interested in checking out my latest creation. It plays 5 Christmas tunes with synchronized light show.


Merry Christmas!



Great Project!

I am sitting right now playing with a piezo speaker for a fun project I want to make with my 5 year old daugther. I tried different projects I found, like this one, but then I found yours! It was by far the easiest as the christmas tunes was already coded.

It's running now and works fine. Although without the speaker and LEDs, I am just running it with a piezo speaker alone in continous mode.

However, I want to add the RGB LED I have in my drawer :)

Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas!

PS. Is it possible to change the volume, making it play a little more quiet?


Wow, those LEDs are eye-searing bright!! :)

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