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Jack Christensen

That because it's not something they probably want to brag about. ;)

No doubt!


I always felt in my gut you whimper snappers using all ya fancy schmancy SMD sized stuff were headed down a path towards evil. Excuse me, my lawn is calling.  ;)

Baha! Well I am a relative newcomer to that game, but have been getting along quite well. I work under one of those magnifying lamps with the circular fluorescent tube. Haven't tried anything smaller than 0805, I might be able to do 0603, will have to try it one of these days. The stuff is actually kind of fun to work with, and can certainly save some real estate. My current project has all SMD resistors and capacitors, except for the electrolytics. Also an SOIC (very easy), and a SOT-23-6. The SOT package is tiny but surprisingly easy to solder. Then there are a couple big honking DIPs so it's definitely a scatterbrained sort of thing! I do believe I cooked one of the SOTs the other day soldering it. Pretty unusual for me, I'll have to be more careful and maybe dial the iron down a bit.

Lawn??!! Waaay past that season here!
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Lol this is quite interesting, thanks for bringing it up, I just designed something and I had to calculate a capacitor for a boostrapping circuit, and now I'm hoping it works since I used a 0805 2.2uf cap, atleast now if I have problems with that ill know where to look, and maybe ill just automatially stack an extra cap on there, because it seems I will definetly have some sort of drop


Are you all using metric or imperial measurement?  I am seeing references to standard sizes that are used in both measurement methods.
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