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I'm trying to interface a sd card with the hsmci and my arduino due. Can't find any info on this subject that sheds enough light to see my way through.

My main problem seems to be interfacing the sd the actual arduino board. The hsmci pin out on 3x8e are as follows


Found all the needed pin outs bar this one, PIO_PA21A_MCDA0, this one is for LED TX on physical pin 107 so there is no way to connect MCDA0 from the sd card to PIO_PA21A_MCDA0 because the pin is not present.

Is there a solution, am I on the right track here, or is this a limitation of the arduino due?


Jun 19, 2018, 02:36 pm Last Edit: Jun 19, 2018, 02:38 pm by ard_newbie
Solder a cable to the PA21 pin from TX ?

An other solution is with a TAIJUINO board with all pins exposed.


Thanks ard_newbie. Poor design, I mean come on the designers were faced with either putting an tx led or a pin for hsmci and they decided a led was more important. lol


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