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Hi all,

I am building a project with adafruit VS1053 and 2.8 TFT and Arduino DUE. Trying to show some pictures and take commands from the capacitive touch screen while playing some mp3.

I made all the modulars working separately (tft with touch screen [working], vs1503 [working,using interupt mode]). Then I combined the code, no bugs. However, when the mp3 is playing, neither tft or my touch screen can work properly or I should say stopped working. But when I comment off  the mp3 part, the code works for the tft and touch screen. Pictures I used for tft here is not on SD card, is stored in the flash of arrduino due.

So I think the mp3 is taking a great part of the processing power. I don't know whether I am right. I wonder whether there is a way of making it work at the same time? Please help.

Thank you very much!



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