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I am trying to integrate the beautiful DueTimer library into my project, where I need to attach an interrupt to one of the timers, within the class I am trying to write. Particularly I need to set a timer with a callback to a (non-static) method of my class.

Unfortunately the structure of the DueTimer class is a bit different than those I am more familiar with, and as far as I understand, instances for all 9 timers are pre-set, so the usual ways of creating an instance within the class does not seem to be of any use here. No matter what I try I am getting errors...  I am pretty sure I am doing some newbie faults here.

I tried putting this in the .cpp on the class level:

Code: [Select]

Which results in the following errors:

Timer0' does not name a type
cannot declare member function 'void MyClass::testCallback()' to have static linkage [-fpermissive]
And if i put the above code in the construct of MyClass, the I get this error, among others:

no matching function for call to 'DueTimer::attachInterrupt(<unresolved overloaded function type>)'
So I guess if used in the construct, the scope of DueTimer is different, and if it is outside the class, it cannot use a non-static method as a callback. Am I right so far?
I also tried with passing pointers and references, also trying to make DueTimer methods "friends", but with no success.

Is there any solution for having the Timer0 call a non-static method of my class?

Many thanks in advance, folks.

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