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Anyone have working code for it?

I'm just trying this project


with no success, the uploaded code seems like doesn't work...


This does not answer your question on Due logic analyzer code.
But you can get fully functional 24Msps logic analyzer with free shipping for less than 5$:

I have that one (a 100Msps and a 400Msps as well), and it works fine under Linux (and Windows) as long as 24Msps are accurate enough.

The link you showed says that 10Msps seems to be the limit of that solution (which is good given that Due CPU frequency is 84MHz).

Here I showed how to use Due as 28Msps logic analyzer, but only for a very short time frame because of 96KB ram restriction:

The 400Msps logic analyzer I have uses an FPGA and lots of internal memory to allow 2.5ns resolution sampling:


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