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What if you try to read the datastream with a terminal program on the PC e.g. - putty.exe hyperterminal etc ?

Does it give the same data as the Arduino? Or as the PC demo program?

I assume the PC demo program interprets the header of the stream and the Arduino isn't.

Rob Tillaart

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Hey Rob

Ok i did a putty serial and got :
Code: [Select]


I set the baud-rate right so its not a erroneous reading.  :smiley-sad-blue:
i really dont know anymore, the readings are consistent but just dont match up to the Demo.
The demo gets the returns a byte array like this:
This happens everytime a timer ticks to get the reader scan:
Code: [Select]

        Dim ScanModeData(40960) As Byte
        Dim ValidDatalength, i As Integer
        Dim temp, temps As String
        ValidDatalength = 0
fCmdRet = StaticClassReaderB.ReadActiveModeData(ScanModeData, ValidDatalength, frmcomportindex)
        If (fCmdRet = 0) Then
            temp = ""
            temps = ByteArrayToHexString(ScanModeData)
            For i = 0 To ValidDatalength - 1
                temp = temp + temps.Substring(i * 2, 2) + " "
            Next i
            listBox3.SelectedIndex = listBox3.Items.Count - 1

does this mean i need to send that command the the reader every loop?
and why then would it give data on serial if thats required>?
i would have thought it needs to be setup once and then it will work without a query sent every loop??

thanks again


Does the demo program come with source code?
Rob Tillaart

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(Please do not PM for private consultancy)


Morning :D

yes it comes with source but uses a DLL for all functions and communication.

there is a protocol.PDF that explains how the reader communicates but doesn't really help me as maybe im not interpreting it correctly....

they all can be found at :
the protocol file is in the SDK.

Im thinking that im also missing something on receiving BYTES from the reader, im reading up on it and trying everything i read! haha!

the biggest problem is the fact that i cant find a starting byte, which is making life very difficult!

Thanks again for the help!!!


Just some more info,

in the protocol manual it says:
The reader communicates with host (MCU?MPU?Controller) using serial communication interface RS232 or
RS485 and complete corresponding operation according to the host command. The communication parameter is
57600bps 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit without parity check bit. In the process of serial communication, the
least significant bit of one byte is transmitted first and the least significant byte of command data sequence is
transmitted first.

But i cant find any mention of what that starting bit will be.

im so  :smiley-yell: i dont know what is going on.

Really hoping someone has some good guesses?

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