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I'm curious to hear if others have done similar store checks.. interesting mix of products, and interesting at sales rates, too.

I work up in Westford, Massachusetts and I check there from time to time.  When I first started getting into Arduino, I think they had just a Uno and the Mega, and now the Westford store has pretty much the same stock, plus some accessories from Seeed, such as a protoshield.  However, at the time, I was looking for one off force sensors and voltage converters, that they didn't have.  It may be my memory, but I thought the prices were more reasonable as well.

Since the shack is the only distributor for the Esplora, it will be interesting to see if they carry it in the retail store.  Well interesting in the theoretical sense, as the Esplora really doesn't interest me.


I actually bought my Uno R3 at a Radio Shack in San Clemente, CA back in April. Also the "Getting Started..." book, a PIR sensor, and a few components. Only later did I discover Jameco, Mouser, Futurlec, Sparkfun, Tayda, and many others. Now I mostly buy everything online, but if I need something right now I go to Radio Shack. The last time I was there they had Uno, Mega, Nano, motor shield, wifi shield, ethernet shield and a couple of Arduino starter kits.

By the way, OP, what IS that thing on your tongue????


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LOL.. That isn't actually me.

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The source image for my avatar, it's not great but better than the avatar..

And here is a guy who has 3D printed the car from the movie:

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The sales kid knew next to nothing about them, but I'm sure he was just holiday sales help.  I wasn't really expecting anything from a mall Radio Shack employee ten days befor Christmas.  What he DID know was that "that stuff really had sold" and several people per day were asking about Arduino.

yea, thats why its most likely the same stock they got first time around, no radio shack knows how to explain them, and some dont even know they carry them.. I also know that "that stuff really sold" has been dished out to me in 4 stores

I am not saying they havent been selling them, but its a little strange that the stock never seems to move, and I have never heard anyone else in a radio shack ask about them, and yet they are moving like sliced Jesus acc to the staff that forgot they even carried it


Surely you know the reference, or if not, throw away two hours of your life and write them off as spent poorly, and watch the movie.

Thanks for that. I had not heard of the movie, but I shall make a New Year's resolution to see it.

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