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I have completed a project on how to control and monitor an arduino over the internet and wanted to share with you. I called it Cloudduino (Cloud Arduino) so, rather than re-inventing the wheel you can just focus on your application and use Cloudduino as the communication bridge.

The idea is as follows: Your Arduino is connected to your PC using a usb cable. your PC is connected to the internet. you need to install Cloudduino Gateway or Build it yourself using the Github link below. after installation, the Gateway will connect the Arduino to internet. you need to sign-in for a cloudduino account because this is the only way to get a username and a password for accessing your Arduino. all communication is using 128-bit SSL Encryption. from anywhere, you loggin to clouddiuino.appspot.com to your account and you will get  a user interface that will allow you to send commands and read analog ports values.

Cloudduino makes it really easy to remotely monitor and control your Arduino from the Cloud (i.e. Anywhere in the world over internet)

how to use Cloudduino:

- your Arduino (running Firmata 2.x) needs to be connected to a PC using serial cable
- you need to download Cloudduino Internet Gateway from http://sourceforge.net/directory/os:windows/freshness:recently-updated/?q=cloudduino
(source code is available at: https://github.com/byrsa/Cloudduino)
- after you download is done, double-click to install and follow the Wizard. then read the Readme.txt
- you need to sign-up for an account at https://cloudduino.appspot.com/init/register
     (You need the account to be able to remotely connect to your Arduino)
- after you activate your account, login to your account, press  Template  then press Go Live. if your Cloudduino Gateway is connected then you should see life data from your Arduino

please review and let me know what you think

for support please contact me: 3pppinc@gmail.com
my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cloudduino/188621761190483


N.B: this application works for an Arduino connected to a PC using usb cable. the PC must be connected to the internet.


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