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I was searching for a way to read data from a 3.5mm hack using an Arduino, but I couldn't find a well-detailed, beginner-friendly, tutorial on how to make this, at least how to wire everything and create a simple I/O code. Anyone know a good, beginner-friendly, tutorial about this topic?

PS: I don't want to use a modem like this, I to learn and make it not communicate only with iOS/Android devices.


What's connected to the other end of the 3.5mm connector?
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I was thinking about using my TI-84 for testing, then move to create a remote shutter release for my Canon 60D, and after that move to more awesome stuff like interacting with iOS and Android devices.

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I only managed 2.7 million hits for "TI84 Serial Interface", but I still haven't got to the end of them.
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My question is not about how to make my TI-84 send the information, I already know that, it's about how to wire the connector to the Arduino to read the information.

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