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My missus has no sense of smell, try again,
mine dissapeared for 2 years, and while walking by the sea it suddenly came back, and the first thing I smelt was a fresh dog poo that had just been stepped in  :-(

Ok that lost something in the translation, in other words slow flash is 50%, fast flash 80% and steady 100%.

but if you had that with LEDs  you would get all sorts of patterns, at some time in infinity they would all flash the same !

I made a project about 7 years ago, with 2 chips ( before Arduino )  and 6 transistors, that could fade 10 strings of RGB LEDs at random through all the colours( they had crappy capacitors in the clock circuit so it was I guess random as the heat would never be the same through the box ?  )  

The colours could also be set manually with 3 pots, and the units could be cascaded and either synced, or all free running.

Each string could be wired differently - well 9 ? ways , so there were all sorts of combinations, but every few minutes, all 3 colours would be out for a second or so, and if you timed the interval, it was always a bit different.  I have a couple in the drawer,  I must connect one up again, it was very soothing.

If it had an arduino chip in it I would put it on playground !

With my mobile phone I can call people and talk to them -  how smart can you get ?

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